The Common Reasons for Gymnasts Injuries

Probably the most typical criticism of the brand new open scoring system is the fact that it drives gymnasts and trainers to improve problem in the expense of artistry and increased harm. Nevertheless, the open scoring system, like many rule changes that attempt to direct or order to trainers and gymnasts has had unintended effects, one of which may be many more gymnasts harms.

While there have been incremental developments to the official gymnastics mats through time, it might very well be that more focus on gear security and innovation may reduce injuries to gymnasts. There's, and ought to be new thinking and research being done as a way to produce safer gymnastics gear. And improvement on new, safer gymnastics gear could be advancing just as slowly.


And they'd a medal-winning youthful gymnastics team in Sydney, that demonstrated that their overly-young gymnasts were up to the job, physically and emotionally. The present age system forces some gymnasts to prepare beyond their natural prime, which might be a source of more harms. Most every leading gymnastics power has gymnasts, who only missed the Olympic age cutoff, but are on the list of very best gymnasts in their own state, and who have to now hang around and risk harm for another four years, before being enabled their Olympic opportunity.

The FIG has continued their tendency of slashing the amount of gymnasts enabled on Olympic teams as well as the amount permitted to compete. The latest cut the amount of gymnasts in the team, from 6 to 5. The consequence of this is that some gymnasts, particularly from smaller gymnastics states, might end up needing to make an effort to drive their problem, because there aren't enough event specialists. For the bigger gymnastics powers, this simply changes the choice procedure and removes special gymnasts, but in smaller states, where there aren't endless quantities of gymnasts to choose from, must settle and attempt to optimize gymnast issue with the gymnasts they've.

This change was made in a preceding Olympic quadrennium, but had and still has the effect of raising the pressure on gymnasts as well as the requirement for competing Olympians to maintain their individual issue in the greatest potential degree, which has also been raised, particularly under the brand new open scoring system. At the International level, ordinary human mistake is the death penalty to medal expectations. There isn't any chance for a recovery for a team, if merely one of their gymnasts has a drop or oftentimes, merely a significant mistake. Again, if excessive pressure is a possible cause for harm, subsequently with this particular rule change the pressure was ratcheted up significantly.

This thought didn't originate with me, nor am I convinced there's credible evidence to establish it. I never found any trouble together with the old system. Some gymnasts did two foot caught landings on some passes and measure-outs on different passes. No more of an issue, it appears to me, than the two rollouts permitted in men's gymnastics. I expect there's shortly some research being done by sports scientists to find out if, really, the no measure-outs rule is raising the variety of tumbling landing harms.


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